Locals and holiday makers join in many of the varied activities organised by our community groups.  Fun, informative and supportive …. something here for everybody to enjoy and appreciate.




Our event for November was providing a little entertainment for the Remembrance Day service at the Community Hall. Songs from the first two decades of the 1900's were the core of our performance followed by many old favourites.

It's almost 12 months since we began playing ukuleles and it's wonderful and inspiring just how much we have learned in that time.


Our group now has around 20 members and because we now have the room for more, it's time to invite those of you who have no experience and those who may have played before (and would like to play again) to come along and give it a go!
We can start lessons in the New Year if you are interested. BUT... PLEASE DON'T BUY A UKE (or ask Santa for one) until you try one. Try before you buy. We have spare ukes for you to 'have a go' to start off. Just call and have a chat.

AND a cheery and Happy Christmas to all. May music fill your dreams.

           ………     Glenda 0435 597 503




Ladies from Burrum Heads and surrounding areas are still enjoying dancing to the beat every Monday afternoon in the Community Hall from 1.30 - 3.30pm for a cost of $10.

We are missing some of our favourite ladies through illness or injuries. We wish Bev, Dawn and Barb speedy recoveries.
Some comments from our dancers -

  • Why walk when you can dance!
  • Exercise your body and your mind and have fun doing it!
  • Get into Tulsa Time and take a stroll down Alamo Alley. You might just run into Sweet Caroline and have a go at  Boot Scooting Boogie!
  • My balance has improved and line dancing keeps the brain going and I love the music!!

    So come along and join us for two hours of dance, music, fun and laughter.

                                 Enquiries to Annie 0435191825

    Look forward to dancing with you -
    ……….     Colleen Weier






This term Girl Guides will enjoy a Halloween Party, Melbourne Cup activities and then onto Christmas fun and festivities. We will also begin the preparation of show bags for the upcoming Village Christmas Party.



Murrumba (Julie) - 0438 790 327

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    



       .hand drawn craft elements resiz    BURRUM HEADS MONDAY CRAFTERS

Bells are ringing, or at the very least bells are being especially crafted for our Christmas lunch gift giving on December 3. We plan to party. November saw us explore not only the Christmas Shop at Tiaro but the Cooroy area on our recent coach trip. The day was hot but we trotted the op shops fantastic and were seen with packages large and small from a variety of shops.

After our Christmas breakup in December, Craft mornings will recommence on Monday February 4th, 2019, the first Monday after school returns.

Wishing a wonderful and joyous Christmas and holiday season to all in Burrum Heads.

Want more information contact - Jillian on 0418 840 543.

.  birthday cakeBirthdays for DECEMBER

Sylvie Bates, Lorraine Brasington, Jan Saunders, Helen Lorraway, Ildiko McCann, Robyn Finch, Terry Dart,  Carol Ashworth, Margaret Gibson,
Daphne Cottrell



FriendshipGroup 2015





My first item this month is to thank Terry and Susie very much for all they did for me to keep it all rolling along. Thank you to all for their best wishes! At our meeting on 1st November we had 25 ladies and Jeff Smith as our guest speaker.  We had $600 to give him for the Burrum Heads Rural Fire Brigade. Jeff gave us a talk on what the plans are for the next few months.   Glen and Margaret donated the raffle which was won by Betty.                               
       Our Christmas Luncheon is on  6th December at Old Sydney Hotel corner Ellena and Richmond Streets, Maryborough  11:30 for 12 noon. Don't forget your present for Secret Santa !  
                                                       ………   Ivy    41282028     0437176599                  










First of all, the Garden Club wishes everyone a safe and happy Christmas Season, and remember to wear your hats when you are keeping your garden happy and healthy too – best to water in the cool of the evening, according to Jeremy Coleby Williams – Gardening Australia.   For you and your plants!

*Treat camelias, gardenias, roses and orchids against magnesium deficiency. Dissolve one dessertspoonful Epsom salts in 10 litres of water. Spray foliage;

*Fill saucers under containerised plants with sand. This conserves moisture, boosting humidity around plants, but prevents mosquitoes from breeding

*Feed lawns with organic-certified blood and bone. Applied now, this helps digest accumulating debris (thatch) which otherwise can encourage foliar fungi on fine-leaved turf.

January - Give your garden a happy start to the New Year…

*Summer prune roses mid-month, cutting back to a strong growing point. Cut back floribundas by one third. Feed, renew mulches, then water;

*Check containerised plants, annuals and vegetables for watering - daily

*Do you have fruiting trees? Control fruit fly and diseases by regularly removing fallen fruit. Bury half a metre deep, or bag and dispose of in the garbage;

Thanks to all businesses and homeowners whose places are in the public view, and who keep their surrounds looking clean and tidy – some of you will be volunteers on the job. Thankyou! It has a big impact on visitors and they go on their way with a great impression of your town. One of several in Howard is Naughty Coffee where the cheerful garden is on view to everyone passing through the town.

I suspect this summer might be a scorcher, so we could have some wriggly visitors… advice is to keep the yard as clean and clear as possible…no logs, nooks and crannies if possible, where they can hide, lawns mowed etc.

*Stake and tie tall flowers and crops before storms hit. Staking after a storm won't help them recover their former shape.  No bits of loose stuff around the garden that could take flight if there is a big windy storm.

What else could you need for Christmas ?   A quote from – Marcus Tullius Cicero who lived around   63BC says   “ If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

                                                                            …………..   Shirley