Locals and holiday makers join in many of the varied activities organised by our community groups.  Fun, informative and supportive …. something here for everybody to enjoy and appreciate.




Our first meet for 2019 was spent mainly working on songs for the Australia Day event on 26th January. 

We are not singing many of the 'predictable' Aussie songs, but including ones from notable Aussie performers.  Some a little different to what would be expected.

Next month we are planning on a visit from Gusto (the Gympie Uke Group) and need to learn something new, something different, something fun for a combined performance - THEM and US!! Should be good.

Two new members joined us with another coming along next meet. Great to know that music can change lives.  For any information on our group please phone for a chat.

Happy strumming.

Glenda  0435 597 503




Ladies from Burrum Heads and surrounding areas are still enjoying dancing to the beat every Monday afternoon in the Community Hall from 1.30 - 3.30pm for a cost of $10.

We are missing some of our favourite ladies through illness or injuries. We wish Bev, Dawn and Barb speedy recoveries.
Some comments from our dancers -

  • Why walk when you can dance!
  • Exercise your body and your mind and have fun doing it!
  • Get into Tulsa Time and take a stroll down Alamo Alley. You might just run into Sweet Caroline and have a go at  Boot Scooting Boogie!
  • My balance has improved and line dancing keeps the brain going and I love the music!!

    So come along and join us for two hours of dance, music, fun and laughter.

                                 Enquiries to Annie 0435191825

    Look forward to dancing with you -
    ……….     Colleen Weier






Girl Guides return in a couple of weeks so planning of activities for the term is underway.

We will be working on rope and knot skills, cooking and joining guides from Hervey Bay for a camp to celebrate Thinking Day.

We would like to thank our community, businesses and families for their support throughout 2018. Donations from Burrum Benevolent Society (BBS) Howard and Burrum Heads Blue Water Boat Club enabled some of our members to attend Jamborees and replace some of our equipment. Bendigo Bank Hervey Bay generously sponsored the Christmas Showbags we prepared for the Village Christmas Party. Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Club, Burrum Heads Progress Association and the Anzac Committee, and Burrum Recreation Reserve involved us in their annual events and Foodworks Burrum Heads let us sell raffle tickets and guide biscuits outside their business.



Murrumba (Julie) - 0438 790 327

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     GG thank youGG



Murrumba (Julie) - 0438 790 327

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    



       .hand drawn craft elements resiz    BURRUM HEADS MONDAY CRAFTERS

Craft Mornings returns to the Community Hall at Burrum Heads on February 3rd with a 9am start, lots of chat and catching up to happen.

All welcome, including newcomers.

Cost $4 with morning tea.

For more information contact Jillian on 0418840543.


.  birthday cakeBirthdays for JANUARY - FEBRUARY

Bernie Pearce, Dawn Fletcher ,Lillian Moss, Lola Wren, Linda Medway, Jacqui Gowshall, Christine Roger, Linda Allsop, Lynda Allison, Olmai Harch, Mavis Clarke, Velma Lingard



FriendshipGroup 2015





A Happy New Year to everyone. Just a reminder to all Friendship ladies that our first meeting this year is  7th February 2:30pm at the hall.

Please come along to have input into our agenda for the year.

                                                        ………   Ivy    41282028     0437176599                  










Happy New Gardening Year to everyone…I think a little dose of rain might help me get back on track, not that I have a wonderful garden, just a bush one, but neglected at the moment (age related!). The weeds are doing well so I was happy to read that the author (Winnie the Pooh etc) says that “Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them". So I suppose I should go and formally introduce myself.

Speaking of introducing ourselves - how about coming along to our first meeting for the year? Wednesday, 13th February at 12.30 which is to be at the garden of member, Wendy Austin, at 44 Hunter Street,   Torbanlea. You will be very welcome!


Are you “into” succulents seems to be a new one according to Better Homes and Gardens.
Wispy white flowers, leaves beautifully tinged with red, suits pots, spread of 30cm and named

Crassula ‘Campfire”. I don’t know whether it has reached this region yet. They provide a Nursery email address - instylesucculents.com.au.. They suggest other flowers suitable for planting now…Petunia, Begonia, Marigold, Salvia, Zinnia.   In December, Gardening Australia showed a novel way of displaying a collection of small succulents within an old photo frame. Illustration looked attractive.

We all know the “good” bees are in danger. Gardening Australia gives some hints on attracting them to our gardens and giving them a helping hand to survive. “Bees are colour blind and can’t see red but they’re thought to prefer blue, purple, yellow and white.

Bees can see the ultraviolet spectrum, which humans can’t see, so many flowers have ultraviolet markings on them called a nectar trial. To attract bees to your garden for pollination and biodiversity, plant things like rosemary, lavender, sage, borage and thyme and other herbs that flower all year round to keep the bees happy.”

basilAlso found this, same site, and it is something I have been wondering about myself as my Basil looks fairly spindly and has flowers.

”What do you do when Basil goes to flower?”

TINO: “You can leave the plant and create seed to collect and plant next year, or you can pinch all the flowers out, then rejuvenate the plant with some liquid feed and lots of water, it will produce more leaves, so you’ll get another harvest before the season’s over. But the plant will continue to try to set seed, so you will need to be constantly watching and picking off flowers to maintain the leaf development.”

Keep watching that sky!    

.                                       …………..   Shirley