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Christmas is coming! We build up Christmas to such a fever pitch of imagination and rose-tinted memories that we can end up feeling disappointed and miserable. Sometimes, surrounded by a barrage of Joy to the World and Jingle Bells, we feel lost and alone, longing for a feeling we can't find anymore. It is so easy to get lost in all the doing and buying and rushing that we lose ourselves, and the reason we do all this anyway. Christmas is a feeling of lost youth and joy, of people we love or loved, of places we belonged. Loneliness often makes us underestimate the extent to which those around us care and we erect defensive barriers.

Remember that Christmas isn't tied solely to a place, or a person, or anything that's no longer here. Every year is a new year, and ultimately, what really matters is that we come together, eat some good food and tell each other that we love each other in our makeshift families, friends and our real families. I encourage you to reach out to others, especially those who have suffered loss this year. CANSS is coordinating hampers for Christmas: if you know of someone who needs some extra love or would like to donate goods, please contact them at Ivor Drive.

As mentioned last month, we will be holding an Advent study commencing WEDNESDAY 28 November at 2.00 pm for four weeks. This study is suitable for all denominations and for those who are seeking something more from life. It uses the verses of that popular Christmas carol, 'Angels, from the realms of glory' to explore our understanding of angels, the role of the shepherd in the church, wisdom and what it means

to be a saint. Perhaps you’ll find that you are one!

We can get over-familiar with our favourite carols and forget the real meaning of the words we are singing. So, it’s good to take time and look in a little more depth at the words we sing, and the picture they paint, and relate them to what we believe.

While this season of Advent serves to build our anticipation for Christmas, we will also celebrate Christmas with a combined luncheon after the service on 16 December at the church; as well as services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Then, on 30 December, we will all come together for an ecumenical service commencing at 8.00 am. I hope to see you all at some time over this month but in case I don’t, I wish you all a blessed Christmas. May the closeness of friends and the comfort of home renew your spirits.     …...   Norma Doyle


Uniting:               7.30 am,                         2nd, 16th  

Anglican:             7.30 am,                         9th, 23rd  

Catholic              9.00 am L/Word            9th, 23rd

Catholic               5.00 pm Mass                2nd, 16th

ECUMENICAL  8.00 am          30th Dec


December 23 - No Catholic Liturgy
Christmas Eve:   Ecumenical Nine Lessons and Carols 6pm

Christmas Day: Catholic, 9.00 am



    mainly music  –  has vacancies for pre-schoolers

We are practicing each Wednesday morning, so hear us sing at the Community Christmas Carols night on  December 18. Our final morning for 2018 will be December 12, we have a very Christmassy session planned. Our first mainly music session in the New Year will be February 6, 2019.
                                           For more information contact Jillian on 0418 840 543.





Located at 642 Burrum Heads Road, Burrum Heads
Sunday Praise and Worship Service Commences at 9:30am
Childrens Church @ 10:10am

After the Service feel free to join us for morning tea and fellowship.