What would you do if you saw yourself on a banner in the middle of Nottingham, UK? Matthew Hauser (grandson of local resident Syd Dart) was recently faced with this dilemma. Matthew was in England representing Australia as a member of a mixed Triathlon team competing in a British Triathlon event—‘The City of Nottingham Triathlon’. He was checking the route for the event and there he was … smack bang in the middle of Trent Bridge in Nottingham! What else would you do but get a photo and post it on social media!

Then, what would you do if you are checking your social media and saw this photo of your grandson? Well, if you were Syd Dart, you would have gone all out to get the banner ‘for the pool room’! And that is exactly what Syd did!

Matt   Syd Matt poster

The banner was made for a specific event … complete with location and date … so Syd figured it would be of no use to anyone … anyone that is but him! So … he phoned the Nottingham Council (as you would) to see if they would sell it to him. Lucky he phoned when he did because the banner had been removed and was on its way to being dumped! Apparently only 4 athletes were profiled on banners for the event and Matthew was one of the 4 chosen! What an honour! After a couple of phone calls (at all hours of the night to allow for the time difference) and many emails, Syd is now the proud owner of a ‘larger than life’ banner of his grandson. The council was only too happy to send it—free of all charges! Bonus!

As a point of interest, Matthew’s team came 8th at the Nottingham meet. He had been overseas for a few months for training and competitions and had incredible success during this time. He was a member of the Australian open age mixed relay team that won gold in the 2017 ITU World Triathlon in Hamburg, Germany. A couple of weeks after that he won an individual gold in the 2017 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final (U/23 Men’s) in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is now U/23 Men’s World Champion!

‘Fingers crossed’ now that he will be named in the Australian team for the Commonwealth Games to be held at the Gold Coast next year.
                                   ...................  TD