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Update March 2017

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 Ex-HMAS Tobruk (ll)

 Once a vital part of the Australian Naval Fleet, ex-HMAS Tobruk has ended 34 years of distinguished military   service as an amphibious, heavy-lift ship and will be transformed into a world-class site in the Great Sandy Marine Park waters.

 An Illustrious military career

EX-hmas tobruk could carry 18 tanks, 40 Armoured Personnel Carriers, two landing craft, 150 crew and 500  troops. Ex-HMAS Tobruk escorted HMY Britannia into Brisbane for the 1982 Commonwealth Games and sailed around Australia and the world for naval and army exercises. She was at the opening of Brisbane’s Gateway Bridge in 1986 and in Sydney Harbour for the Bicentennial Australia Day celebrations in 1988. She has taken part in sea rescues, supplied countries with emergency stores after cyclones and has conducted many training cruises. She earned a ship’s Commendation for her work in East Timor in 1999.

Her 34 year service to the nation ended 2 June 2015 when she was described as true to her motto “faithful and strong”.


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What’s left?

The ship you see today has been decommissioned from military service. All military equipment, ammunition and stores have been removed. The Commonwealth has gifted ex-HMAS Tobruk to Queensland to enhance the region’s tourism opportunities.

Where to from here?

The ex-HMAS Tobruk will stay here for a few months while her next berth is prepared. Not far from here, the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing will give her a thorough clean and prepare her for her final resting. This will take two years.

Ex-HMAS Tobruk will become an artificial reef and her compartments and corridors will provide extraordinary underwater diving experiences for years to come.

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December 2016 


Ex-HMAS Tobruk will be sunk as a military dive wreck in the Wide Bay-Burnett region!

After campaigning for more than three years the bid to bring ex-HMAS Tobruk to our region has been successful.

This dive wreck will not only bring domestic and international visitors to the Wide Bay-Burnett region, it will bring much needed long term, sustainable jobs and a future for the next generation.

Work to prepare the ship for scuttling will be done at Bundaberg Port and the ongoing boost to the local economy is estimated at $4 million each year.

The idea of a military dive wreck was first floated with me before the 2013 federal election by well-respected local fisherman Nicky Schulz. Not long after being elected I contacted local business owners, recreational scuba divers and my state and council counterparts to gauge their interest in the proposal. I was absolutely overwhelmed by their positivity.

That support has continued with Fraser Coast Regional Council and Bundaberg Regional Council each committing $1 million to the project.

I want to thank the 4042 people who signed the petition tabled in Federal Parliament in December 2015 supporting the dive wreck, and the 7000+ people which have liked and followed the HMAS Tobruk Military Dive Experience Facebook page.

I also want to thank the local politicians and businesses who personally funded the seabed survey.

I believe that Defence assets that are paid for by the Australian people can, and should, continue to serve the community long after they are no longer of use to the military.

We are a region who admires our veteran community, and we will treat ex-HMAS Tobruk with the respect it deserves.

The Wide Bay-Burnett is the ideal resting place for ex-HMAS Tobruk and I look forward to the opportunities this dive wreck will bring to Hinkler.

Keith Pitt MP
Member for Hinkler


Further information and photos may be viewed at the following link - 'Navy Daily' 7th December, 2016