Progress associations are local resident associations, owned and run by their members.  The Progress Association is the community’s direct link to all those institutions and organisations at Local, State and Commonwealth levels, which can impact on Burrum Heads’ future.

Any resident within the Burrum Heads area is entitled to and welcome to become a member of the Burrum Heads Progress Association.

The Burrum Heads Progress Association is a voluntary, not-for-profit community group, established in 1975.  The objectives of the Association are to promote and encourage the progress, development, advancement and welfare of the local community and to establish and maintain suitable premises for the convenience of the local community.

We regularly meet with residents on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and run the Burrum Heads Village Christmas Party, plus other events.

Our newsletter, the popular Burrum Heads Progress Association Newsletter, is distributed once a month to businesses in Burrum Heads and district.

Burrum Heads is a great place to come, relax, enjoy the scenery and to take pleasure in the peace, tranquility and beauty of life.

Visitors - enjoy your stay - return home safely.


                                                                 ASSOCIATION NEWS

As this newsletter is to be a FIRST with colour, it would be a suitable TRIBUTE to Ron Gregson for his contribution to the wellbeing of Burrum Heads and the BHPA over the years. His tenacity and investigative skills in sorting out our lease agreement and OKI printer problems are second to none, bringing it to this fruition, with no  financial ‘payout’ penalty of $26,000 to BHPA.
Thanks Ron! 

Another issue that has been of concern to residents - our local rubbish tips are not closing at Toogoom and Burrum Heads, as misleading roadside signs have been suggesting. Mr Bill Gumburd, FCRC Waste Management Officer has confirmed they will remain open. 

Our unexpected wading pool in the car park behind the Hall has been attended to by Council workmen so visitors to the Hall will no longer need … water wings and wading boots.

 Swimming enclosure

A letter is being sent to FCRC regarding the possibility of erecting a ‘swimming enclosure’ as there is some community support for a safe “swimming area” down near the Lions Park. There are specific areas which are ‘outside the gazetted Marine Park area’ and only these could possibly be used for this project.  Healthy debate arose over this idea during the recent Progress Meeting as this beach is also used to land numerous small craft.  There is also an ever present danger from stonefish that inhabit the rocks alongside the boat ramp and therefore concerns arose over using this site for a proposed ‘enclosure’. To officially label this area as a safe swimming beach would compel authorities to have a lifeguard on duty - and for the estimated small numbers who actually ‘swim’ there, from that point of view, it has been suggested that it would be cost prohibitive.

There is talk among members who are looking forward to organising another wonderful Village Christmas Party and if anyone is interested in assisting in any way, please contact the Secretary. Raffles and planning need to begin soon for it to be another outstanding success.

 Howard’s annual celebration of local history - Coalfest 2018, was enjoyed by people of all ages and deemed to be a great success.  The grand parade, entertainment, displays and variety of food were enjoyed by all.

Peter Saults Marmon       Coal bin

 Peter Sault's Vintage Marmon - from Burrum Heads - Photos courtesy Jenni Chew

Our next big item is the BHPA Annual General Meeting on 15th of August. Our local Councillor Rolf Light has taken up the offer of Chairing the meeting for us, as all positions will fall  vacant. 

 I take this opportunity to thank all the people that have supported me during my time as BHPA President. During this period, I have asked people inside and outside of Management, if they would assist with certain things, and in most cases the answer has been ‘yes’. It's really a reflection of how people have put them selves out, some times in simply little ways, but collectively - it makes all the difference. 
May I also extend my best wishes to the incoming Executive and Management team.


              ……  Richard Thorne - President The BHPA Inc.





Seniors Variety Concert 2018 


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