Progress associations are local resident associations, owned and run by their members.  The Progress Association is the community’s direct link to all those institutions and organisations at Local, State and Commonwealth levels, which can impact on Burrum Heads’ future.

Any resident within the Burrum Heads area is entitled to and welcome to become a member of the Burrum Heads Progress Association.

The Burrum Heads Progress Association is a voluntary, not-for-profit community group, established in 1975.  The objectives of the Association are to promote and encourage the progress, development, advancement and welfare of the local community and to establish and maintain suitable premises for the convenience of the local community.

We regularly meet with residents on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and run the Burrum Heads Village Christmas Party, plus other events.

Our newsletter, the popular Burrum Heads Progress Association Newsletter, is distributed once a month to businesses in Burrum Heads and district.

Burrum Heads is a great place to come, relax, enjoy the scenery and to take pleasure in the peace, tranquility and beauty of life.

Visitors - enjoy your stay - return home safely.



I came to this position, as I was asked to take it on.  Well a year has passed, along with many challenges.

The Management Committee has, among other priorities, been busy finishing off the framing, insulation and gyprocking of the walls of the First Aid room, which were the major things to do there, and now there is only the painting of the floor coating, putting the door frame up, and installing the fluro light and curtains.
Thank you to those who have been volunteers involved in this - “Many hands make light work”...
A small air conditioner has already been installed in there which is designed to be run off the generator in an emergency situation - if need be.

Speaking of the generator - it has been serviced and the comment from the mechanic was “a well looked after one”. A very big thank you to Jim Jones who has been overseeing the maintenance of the emergency short wave radios and periodical running of the generator, in case the unthinkable happens and we need to put them to use.

Thank you to Council for all the help financially and with governance ‘schooling’; Management Committee members have been attending the Council run seminars on governance, when able.

I also saw a need to change the old taps in the kitchen in the Hall, with the Members’ agreement, in order to enable people who have arthritis to comfortably use them. The Exit Safety lights have been upgraded to meet current regulations, and thanks to Council the outside lights were also replaced to meet fire safety standards.

There is a new pathway around the Library end outside the Hall. Again, with the help of Council, bhpa had it installed and this will make it more comfortable for the community who need disabled access - to enter the Hall .
Our Newsletter seems to be a community focused publication thanks to all the team that make this possible.

The community Christmas Party will be going ahead again this year with BHPA and with Doug Waters as chairperson. Activities and highlights have already been booked with the relevant people. Make sure you keep Saturday 7th December free on your calendar!

We have had the Hall painted, which has freshened it up considerably. Many have remarked on the “new look.”

A successful Arts and Crafts Expo was held on 29th June, with more than 30 exhibitors. Stall holders have since remarked that they are looking forward to the next one. So hopefully this activity may continue in the future.

Thank you to the Members and other volunteers who have assisted with the catering for functions during the year. We would all be lost without you!
Thank you to all of the Committee Members of BHPA Management who have served with me this year.

Our AGM was held on Wednesday 11th September and we now have a full compliment of Members on the Management Committee.

These are -

  • ·President : Jennie Romero
  • ·Vice President : Jackie Brennan
  • ·Treasurer : Hans Vulker
  • ·Secretary : Julie Jorgensen
  • ·Committee Member : Anne Czekajlo
  • ·Committee Member : Douglas Waters
  • ·Committee Member : Richard Thorne
  • ·Committee Member : Bryan Hughes

I am looking forward to another year of progress being made for our community.

Jennie Romero - President BHPA Inc.