Progress associations are local resident associations, owned and run by their members.  The Progress Association is the community’s direct link to all those institutions and organisations at Local, State and Commonwealth levels, which can impact on Burrum Heads’ future.

Any resident within the Burrum Heads area is entitled to and welcome to become a member of the Burrum Heads Progress Association.

The Burrum Heads Progress Association is a voluntary, not-for-profit community group, established in 1975.  The objectives of the Association are to promote and encourage the progress, development, advancement and welfare of the local community and to establish and maintain suitable premises for the convenience of the local community.

We regularly meet with residents on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and run the Burrum Heads Village Christmas Party, plus other events.

Our newsletter, the popular Burrum Heads Progress Association Newsletter, is distributed once a month to businesses in Burrum Heads and district.

Burrum Heads is a great place to come, relax, enjoy the scenery and to take pleasure in the peace, tranquility and beauty of life.

Visitors - enjoy your stay - return home safely.


                                           ASSOCIATION NEWS - PRESIDENT'S REPORT      

My presidency began a couple of months into this financial year, out of the need to legally secure the BHPA in its regulatory standing with the Office of Fair Trading due to resignation of a former President. Due to personal reasons our Secretary / Treasurer suddenly resigned and the search then began for people to at least 'stand in the gap' until the AGM later in the year. Thankfully, Christine Rogers one of our local and well known heroines, stepped up temporarily to the position of Treasurer and Jennie Romero did the same as Secretary (with Ron Gregson assisting Jennie as she brushed up on her computer skills).

Although I have had experience on committees since I was a teenager - something run according to the Incorporations Act and with a Constitution like BHPA was completely new and so began a rapid learning curve for me. With no immediate past President available to consult with, I was assisted by George Dart and Ron Gregson, (former Vice President and President, respectively), on many occasions for which I am most appreciative. One of my first tasks for the community was sorting out problems relating to the supply and installation of the new LED sign in town, which is now running nicely and overseen by our very capable Terry Dart, thanks Terry.

My second major task was with the OKI printers, that appeared to be rented without a satisfactory service contract. Norma Doyle as Secretary tried hard to sort it out, then I attempted to unravel red tape, but after much research it came to nothing. Since this issue had been ongoing for months, we managed to persuade  Ron Gregson to come on to the BHPA management. He contributed a lot of time investigating the paperwork and background relating to the OKI Agreement and he eventually ran it to ground. The result we now have is that the BHPA did not have to spend $26,000 as was told us and it has all been resolved. Thanks Ron.

 At the beginning of my term, Keith Pitt MP and our FCRC coordinated the construction of the new concrete path to the Bowls Club. This is a fine new asset for the town and we thank all those responsible for getting it built.


The collapse of the earth steps by the Outriggers complex has been replaced with wooden steps. This is planned to be eventually replaced by a new ramp that will be wheelchair friendly - future funds permitting at some later date.

Having been involved with ANZAC Day parades in many places around Australia, I think we should be very proud of our ANZAC Day involvement and attendance. Thanks to Norma Doyle and her team.

I have paid an unofficial visit to most of the activities that go on in our Community Hall all the year round and it is with gratitude and a ‘thank you’ to the people that unselfishly take on the organizing and running of the activities.  Thanks to them, we have so much to offer the people in  Burrum Heads.

Brad Dyson has overseen Disaster management, with expert assistance from Jim Jones. Problems with their emergency VHF radios, which are vital in any disaster, have been corrected, but the Disaster management team is in dire need of manpower support.  Could anyone interested in helping, please contact Brad. I believe there are currently only two members.

The  Model Garden at Traviston Park is still enjoying the support of our Council’s Botanical Gardens, by giving us up to date botanical names of our plants and supplying plants for our Guide to plant. Just follow the two signs in town showing the way to the Model Garden.

Our BHPA Newsletter is an on going success for us, thanks to Jen Mercer, editor, Julia Chew – Newsletter coordinator, and their team of volunteers that print and distribute copies to the local community and outer regions. BHPA now has a new Konica Minolta which will service needs of the Newsletter primarily and administrative reports and notices. This printer also offers colour options.

It was my privilege recently to welcome our Mayor George Seymour and his Councilors to Burrum Heads for their last Council meeting. Hopefully those who attended found the meeting interesting and informative, appreciating the opportunity to have their questions answered. 

FCRC Meeting July 2018

I am proud to announce that recently, Betty Scorey featured in three podium finishes in the three 500m events contested at the recent Outrigger World Sprint Titles held in Tahiti. She once again took on the World’s best paddlers with her team in her over 70’s age division, bringing home two Silver and one Bronze medal. Congratulations Betty!

 Aussie women70s turns final resiz

I will close my report with thanks to the people, for the work they have done while I have been in office.  I would also like to extend my best wishes to the new Management team.

                               ……..   President Richard Thorne, TBHPA Inc.






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